Google Chrome Extension

“Create WARC files from any webpage”

What is it?

WARCreate is a Google Chrome extension that allows a user to create a Web ARChive (WARC) file from any browseable webpage. The resulting files can then be used with other tools like the Internet Archive's open source Wayback Machine. The tool is an evolving product with the end result pushing toward being a personal web archiving solution for those that wish to securely archive their metadata in a standardize way.

Where Can I Download It?

WARCreate can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

What Can I Do with Generated WARCs?

Software is needed to replay the WARCs by nature of the format.
I recommend using Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL), a software suite that came about because of WARCreate.

I Found A Bug! Where Do I Report It?

Send all bug reports to Mat Kelly or create a new issue in the WARCreate GitHub repo.